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  • Shivani Bhatia

    Laser Hair Removal at Beauty Box MD

    Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser to reduce unwanted hair.   Areas commonly treated include:  face, neck, chest, bikini, legs, back, underarms, arms, buttocks, breasts/nipples, ears, and abdomen. By reducing hair, the treatment also reduces ingrown hairs and razor bump... View Post
  • Shivani Bhatia

    Who are We?

    Medical esthetics is a really cool field.  My philosophy has always been "less is more."  Each of us is not defective just because we are aging.  We are beautiful, wise, and vibrant as we age and gain knowledge and experience in life.  Our faces express each day of life and what it has had to offer.  Injections should be done in a totally natural manner so as to highlight the patient's existing beauty.   View Post
  • Shivani Bhatia

    Senté: a new approach to anti-aging

    Senté is the first company to understand and capture these molecules.  By engineering GAGs that can penetrate the skin, their products are able to address four key components of aging:

    1. sagginess
    2. wrinkles
    3. dehydration
    4. uneven pigmentation
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