'Acne is Cancelled' for the WIN

'Acne is Cancelled' for the WIN

 Tired of acne?  You're sick of masks, right?  Well I've got news, so are the rest of us...uugh.   I see so many patients with mask-ne these days.  Honestly it's become a real problem for many women (less so for men because they get exfoliated when they shave).

What to do?  Well masks are still required by mandate in many states.  Basically you can't ditch them yet.  

So we have an awesome protocol we've been using! 

This is how it goes:

1.  Skincare regimen - remember IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE TO BE EFFECTIVE.  One of my all time favorite anti-acne products is iS clinical's Pro-heal Serum.  It's like magic anti-acne fairy dust in a bottle!  I LUV it for my patients with acne.  A patient said "this stuff sucks and doesn't work" like NEVER.  I also LUV Avène Cleanance Serum.  It's literally $28 and will do more for your acne than you ever imagined.

2.  Laser Facial- so a laser facial works by literally killing the bacteria on the skin's surface.  As a side note it also helps tighten, helps scarring, and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.  Can you say score?  It's the one stop shop for acne that has so many benefits it's hard not to play.  I recently treated my 16 year old son with one of these and his face was clear in less than 72 hours.  I was so happy :)...not to mention he looks OH SO HANDSOME.

3.  Consistency - you can buy the most fancy, amazing skincare products, but if you don't use them as prescribed you are unlikely to get the results you are hoping for.  Just be honest and figure out what level of commitment you are willing to have.  Will you use two products?  Six?  Figure it out and be honest with yourself.  Only buy what you will use.  Wasting money on a bunch of stuff that will sit on your bathroom counter and lose efficacy is pointless.  

4.  Be a badass today and everyday.