Don't be Afraid of Commitment

November 22, 2017

It's so easy to perfect your skin when you commit.  It's basically like weight training.  You start with a simple light weight regimen, and then build on it.  For example, start with a cleanser and daytime cream.  Once you have shown you can be a good boy / girl and use it daily for two weeks, take a deep breath and add a night cream or an eye cream, whichever you need more.  Time and consistency will soften your fine lines, brighten your sallow complexion, and strengthen your overall look.  Look = vibe.  It's all good.

More is not better.  

Expensive is not better.

Designer is not better.

Consistent use is best; choose what works for you.



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Who are We?

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Medical esthetics is a really cool field.  My philosophy has always been "less is more."  Each of us is not defective just because we are aging.  We are beautiful, wise, and vibrant as we age and gain knowledge and experience in life.  Our faces express each day of life and what it has had to offer.  Injections should be done in a totally natural manner so as to highlight the patient's existing beauty.  

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Senté:  a new approach to anti-aging
Senté: a new approach to anti-aging

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Senté is the first company to understand and capture these molecules.  By engineering GAGs that can penetrate the skin, their products are able to address four key components of aging:

  1. sagginess
  2. wrinkles
  3. dehydration
  4. uneven pigmentation

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ISDIN Melatonik

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Why am I obsessed with ISDIN Melatonik?  Well I've been using it for about 42 days and have seen a HUGE difference in my skin.  Putting that aside I can honestly say it's a revolutionary product because of its components and what they can do for your skin.

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