SO Many Lasers...which one is for me?

SO Many Lasers...which one is for me?

Ok so at Beauty Box MD we have totally stepped up our game in the laser arena.  Over the past 12 months we have brought in so much new, cool, amazing technology...and it's giving our patients amazing results.

I thought it might help if I talked a little bit about some of our treatments so that you know which is best to help achieve your skincare goals.  I'm going to start from least aggressive to most aggressive.

1.  The Customized Laser Facial

A laser facial series is really nice for patients who want overall skin rejuvenation, tightening, and elimination of acne.  Depending on the laser wavelength used, this treatment kills the bacteria that cause acne, and dissipates the redness / inflammation associated with your breakouts.  I recommend a series of 4-6 laser facials.  These treatments can be done 2-4 weeks apart.  The closer you do them, the more aggressive the treatment is on the skin.  

2.  The Hollywood Laser Peel

You've seen a million videos of this treatment on Instagram.  It's pretty badass.  It's the original carbon peel utilizing patented technology developed by Lutronic.  There are imitators, but the Hollywood Laser Peel is the original.  

We start the treatment by applying a carbon solution to the skin.  The carbon absorbs into the upper layers of the skin over 10-15 minutes, literally grabbing impurities and irritants and binding to them.  After the initial absorption, we use the Hollywood Spectra Laser to bake the carbon in even deeper.  As we get to the deeper levels of tissue, even more "junk" is scavenged and bound to the carbon.  So now we have the carbon / charcoal particles bound to "the junk" we don't want in your skin.  

Now is the fun part.  I put the laser into another mode and literally pressure wash all of the carbon and impurities away.  The particles fly into the air and are collected by a special laser vacuum.  I can't tell you how gratifying this is!  This cleans the skin from the surface and below.  The result is immediate:  clear, glowing skin.  There is no downtime.  The additional benefit is that the skin is stimulated and there is ongoing collagen stimulation, causing additional treatment of fine lines and wrinkles  (ie tightening) over the next several weeks.  You will also see an improvement in overall skin tone.

This is a really great treatment to get right before a big event.  I have a lot of patients who come in the day of an event so that their skin is luminous.  I personally love getting this done once a month to keep my skin in check.

Oh and if you have some serious acne, this laser is your best friend.  We have a customized acne peel protocol we use in conjunction with the Hollywood Laser Peel.  I have literally had patients tell me I changed their life after a single acne peel on the Spectra.  That being said, with severe acne I like to do three treatments, two weeks apart to knock it out.  If you're ambivalent about going on Accutane, this treatment will surely solve you problem.  True story.

3.   The Ultra Glo

Ok so this baby is a game changer.   The ULTRA is a fractional resurfacing laser treatment on steroids.  The ULTRA is a 1927 nm Thullium laser - it's capabilities are pretty epic. 

Typically I have my patients numb for 30-45 minutes depending on the energy settings I plan to use.  Energy settings are based on skin color, tone, texture, and degree of laxity present.  Oh sidenote:  this laser is amazing for acne.  

The ULTRA is a 1927 nm wavelength laser which resurfaces the epidermis and dermis.  It targets water instead of pigment, resulting in a very beautiful, even treatment. Modalities like  IPL/BBL target unintentional burns occur.  Trust me I was burned with BBL (and ended up treating myself with the Ultra to erase those burns).  So it's great because the Ultra is truly safe for all skin types.  And I mean from blondes to the darkest African Americans.  The ULTRA causes non-ablative, microscopic injury,  which stimulates new collagen production.  Hello and thank you.  Let's get snatched!

So about 18 hours after your treatment, you will feel a very fine sandpaper texture on your skin.  Your pigment spots will look darker.  Over the next 7-10 days this sandpaper texture will wash away, along with your pigment,  as you shower and wash your face with a gentle cleanser.  And when it all washes away you will look AMAZING!  #FF (ask my patients what that stands for :)

The beauty of the Ultra Glo treatment is the global improvement you get.  You're tighter, brighter, rosacea is gradually eliminated, pores are way smaller, melasma is erased (in conjunction with Spectra treatments), and it just keeps on going.  What do I mean?  Well the tightening that this laser stimulates goes on for MONTHS.  It's insane.  


My next blog post will be coming soon and will be about The Total Skin Solution (TSS).  Total Skin is the big bad boy of all treatments.  For me personally it's been like a non-invasive face lift.  My patients who have had it LOVE their results.  The best news?  We're now offering it with exosomes.  If you want ready because you will certainly get them. 


Thanks for reading!



Dr. B