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Summer Skin

Optimize your skincare routine for summer by using products that give you bang for your buck.  Let's face it, we all get busy.  Summer is a time to spending with your children / family; the beach, international travel, the pool.  All of these things emphasize the importance of using products that MULTI-TASK. 

For example, use a cleanser that cleans AND brightens - perhaps something with vitamin C, or alpha and beta hydroxy acids for something stronger. This allows you to clean your face while conferring additional benefits at the same time.

Another example would be a moisturizer that contains anti-oxidants, moisture, and anti-aging benefits.  Our very own base camp does all of these things in addition to aiding cell turnover without causing sun sensitivity.  

The one product I would encourage you NOT to skimp on is sunscreen.  A quality sunscreen is essential.  It literally takes seconds to put on and it will prevent aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, better than any lotion or potion you can buy to reverse these things.


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