The Fire and Ice Facial Treatment

The Fire and Ice Facial Treatment

Hey y’all! It’s your local esti-bestie, Lum and I wanted to chat a little about the infamous Fire & Ice Facial by iS Clinical. You may have heard of it referred to as the “Red Carpet Facial,” as this has been the go-to treatment for many celebrities (and non-celebrities - aka me and Dr. B) and I can see

Patients love the contrasting warm and cool sensations that this facials brings to you.

We start with an intensive resurfacing masque that exfoliates and smooths the skin, unclogs congested pores, and increases microcirculation. This is combined with steam, which helps the pores to open and also allows the product to be driven deeper into the skin.  You will start feeling your skin slightly warm up.  It's quite soothing.

Now for the “Ice” portion of this treatment – our rejuvenating
masque is painted onto the skin and gently massaged in with ice globes. This masque is one of my personal faves – it feels so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling so amazingly soft and hydrated.

This treatment is truly the 'jack of all trades,' it’s great for all skin types, refines skin texture, diminishes the look of blemishes, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is perfect as a monthly maintenance or a week prior to any special event to give you that “Red Carpet GLOW”!


Lum is a master medical esthetician and laser hair specialist, Beauty Box MD, Santa Rosa Beach