What is the Emsculpt Neo?

What is the Emsculpt Neo?

We know you've seen banners, busses, trollies, and billboards all over the place advertising the Emsculpt Neo.  Soon you'll see the ads on Superbowl Sunday! 

What is it and how does it work?  Is it the same as Coolsculpting?  How long do the effects last? 

Here is our honest assessment of the technology known as the Emsculpt Neo.

BTL is the company that makes the Emsculpt Neo.  They have been in the "muscle building market" for over 27 years.  For years, BTL used low dose electromagnetic energy in physiotherapy applications prior to entering the body sculpting arena.  At least there's that.  Always good to know it's not some fly by night company who just released some random device to make money.

So down to the skinny (haha, no pun intended!):

The Emsculpt Neo utilizes two technologies at once:  RF (radio frequency)  and HIFEM (High Frequency ElectroMagnetic).  What does that mean?  Well in a nutshell it means that the RF heats the fat and muscle and creates an environment for the muscle to thrive and for the fat to die.  Bye bye blubber!  😘. Other modalities that claim to 'freeze' or 'melt' fat do absolutely zero for muscle.  That in and of itself makes the Neo unique.  I don't know about you, but patients I have seen who have had their fat 'frozen' will often tell you "it didn't work on me."  Additionally,  as a fashion-obsessed woman who is up to date on her supermodels, Linda Evangelista has quite a lot to say about fat freezing modalities and her experience (#lawsuit).

It's interesting because the Neo actually causes the contraction of 100% of your muscle fibers at 100% intensity.  As humans, when we workout, our brain allows our body to hit 20-40% of our maximal capacity.  In essence the Neo bypasses our brain and causes "supramaximal" contractions - in other words it's giving you the most badass workout of your life.  So as a Homo sapien you could not make these contractions happen on your own.  Oh but wait, there's more!  You are lying on a bed reading a book while all of this happens 😂. (#winning)

So while the Emsculpt Neo gives you your killer workout you are able to gain 25% more muscle and shed 30% more fat than a normal human workout.  Not bad.  Not bad.  

How long does it last?  It takes 90 days to see the full cumulative effects of the Neo.  Most patients we see and treat fall in love with their bodies and come back to us for an enhancement treatment 6 months after completing their series; some at 1 year.  That doesn't mean a whole new series; it just means treatment to maintain their muscle mass, because after all the fat is gone permanently.

Random tidbit:  The Emsculpt Neo is the fastest aesthetic device to hit 1 million treatments in the history on the universe!  WHAT?  Yup that's a fact.

Should you believe the hype?  HELL YES!

Is the Emsculpt Neo too good to be true?  HELL NO!

I've done my abs and was amazed with my results.  Hey ladies on the tennis courts:  I'm doing my biceps and triceps next so be ready....It's game on 🎾.

Come see us for a comprehensive, complimentary consultation.  🙂