Who are We?

July 22, 2019

Who are we?  What is Beauty Box MD?

I started my business almost 10 years ago in Sandy Springs.  We used to be "a blowdry bar with a shot of botox."  The salon portion of the business was closed three years ago and I gave my full focus to the medical portion of the venture.

I started with certifications in botox and filler...that has grown to include kybella, PRP, RF microneedling, and soon will include lasers.  I still practice pediatric anesthesiology full time at Scottish-Rite Hospital.  I see patients on my days off, evenings and weekends.  How do I do it?  If you enjoy something there is always a way.

I have been humbled by each and every patient that has come to see me.  Beauty Box MD has grown by word of mouth...friends referring friends.  It has been an amazing journey and I am grateful.  I love being a doctor and pride myself on taking the very best care of my patients.

Medical esthetics is a really cool field.  My philosophy has always been "less is more."  Each of us is not defective just because we are aging.  We are beautiful, wise, and vibrant as we age and gain knowledge and experience in life.  Our faces express each day of life and what it has had to offer.  Injections should be done in a totally natural manner so as to highlight the patient's existing beauty.  

Skincare is a very important part of the self-care journey.  Injections are just a band-aid if we don't care for our skin in the proper manner.  I love helping patients address skin concerns and get on personalized regimens.  I'm a product junkie at heart and try to stay on top of the chemistry of skincare.  The advances that have occurred in just the past two years have been awesome.  I'm not a big believer in using everything from one product line.  Each medical grade skincare company has its strengths.  I prefer to pick and choose products and put regiments together based on what I have seen work best.

I typically see patients privately, by appointment, at my Sandy Springs location. 



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