What is Keralase?

Keralase is a hair restoration procedure that can help patients who have hair loss / thinning due to physical (braiding, tension from styling),  environmental, hormonal, infectious (COVID), and psychological (stress) factors.  This treatment can be used in conjunction with hair transplants, Rogaine, Propecia, PRP, or laser therapy.

Keralase™ is a treatment designed to create a conducive environment to facilitate hair growth and improve scalp health. First we use the Lutronic Ultra laser to create non-ablative micro-channels to deliver a proprietary blend of growth factors and skin proteins (KeraFactor® serum) to stimulate hair growth. The micro-channels have been shown to create 5 times higher absorption of nano-liposomes, increasing the delivery of the KeraFactor Serum.  The peptides within the serum specifically support increased blood supply and the transition of resting hairs into the actively growing phase of hair growth for optimal results.

What does it feel like?

Keralase is painless.  We use the Ultra laser to create microchannels in the scalp.  Patients often fall asleep during this part of the procedure.  After we create our channels, we infuse KeraFactor serum throughout.  Hair cannot be washed for twenty-four hours. 

How many treatments?

Six treatments are recommended, one month apart.  Patients typically see increased growth and increased hair thickness after their second treatment.