Tattoo Removal

The Spectra™ Tattoo Removal device features a unique wavelength that effectively addresses the full spectrum of tattoo colors on any skin type. Using ultra-fast beams, this device precisely targets and disrupts your tattoo ink. After the ink particles are disrupted, they are naturally removed from your body. Thanks to the Spectra’s gentle technology, treatment sessions are often described by our clients as tolerable and don’t result in excess downtime.

What Can I Expect During Treatments?

Once sufficiently numb (with ice and or numbing cream), we do a test spot to optimize settings.  After achieving accuracy with the test spot, we utilize the laser over the inked area you want removed.  The pulses of energy will cause the ink to gradually dissipate while activating fresh collagen in your dermis. Some scabbing can occur as part of the healing process, but your tattoo will be reduced with each treatment session.

When Will I See Results?

For effective tattoo removal, several sessions with the Spectra system may be required. The amount of time per session will depend on the size and color of your specific tattoo. 

HWS Tattoo Removal